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Simple steps before buying land in the Philippines

First of all as long as the agent (real estate agent) or the owner of the land comes and says that he is selling his land, the first thing you do is get is the copy of the title, because you should investigate it in the Register of Deeds so you will know if the land has problems. For example, if there's others claiming it, you should see it there. The land title must be clean because that copy must be...


Is “PASALO” legal?

"PASALO" way of purchase is assuming the loan/mortgage of the seller at the price agreed upon between him and the bank or developer. Aside from money, the transacting parties must check if the legal documents of the seller with the bank or developer allow such assume balance transaction. Some may require prior written consent of the mortgage (bank). Without the prior written consent of the...


Sentrina Calamba Discount effective until june 30, 2017

Avail a DISCOUNT for unit sold on blk 12, 13 and 14 please refer to discount table below House Model  Discount Kayla-Basic P90,000 Kayla-Prime P105,000 Arya-Prime P105,000 Anika P150,000 Amara-Prime P150,000 Amara-Expanded P150,000 Parameters: Discount is applicable from june 1 to june 30, 2017 at Blk 12,13 and 14 A discount amount is assigned to...

solar panel

What’s the advantages of having a Solar System

Solar power is the conversion of the energy from the sun to usable electricity. Solar comes from ‘sun’ and solar energy is the energy generated from the sun’s heat and light radiations. This energy can be converted into other energy forms, the commonest being electrical energy or electricity. It has grown in popularity since being discovered, mainly because it offers a cheaper and more reliable...

Advantage and Disadvantages of Buying House

A lot of people think that buying a new home has a lot of great advantages over buying an older home. These days, as the difference in cost between new and old homes become narrower, the question becomes more pertinent. What kind of advantages and disadvantages do you look at when thinking about buying an older home? Let’s say for example that you’re looking at Mooresville homes for sale and are...

Sentrina Calamba Discount and promo

sentrina calamba discount and promo effective until april 30 2017

Sentrina calamba discount and promo! Summer is here! Grab the chance to avail Sentrina Calamba's Hot Deals when you reserve from April 1-30, 2017! Get free appliances for every Reserved Sale during the promo period: Kayla Basic/Plus & Arya Basic - Twin Tub Washing Machine Kayla Prime/Arya Prime/Aliyah Prime/Shophouse - 32" LED TV Amara Prime/Expanded, Anika/Alexandria - 1.0 HP...

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