Sentrina Calamba


Sentrina Calamba Discount effective until june 30, 2017

Avail a DISCOUNT for unit sold on blk 12, 13 and 14 please refer to discount table below House ModelĀ  Discount Kayla-Basic P90,000 Kayla-Prime P105,000 Arya-Prime P105,000 Anika P150,000 Amara-Prime P150,000 Amara-Expanded P150,000 Parameters: Discount is applicable from june 1 to june 30, 2017 at Blk 12,13 and 14 A discount amount is assigned to...

Sentrina Calamba Discount and promo

sentrina calamba discount and promo effective until april 30 2017

Sentrina calamba discount and promo! Summer is here! Grab the chance to avail Sentrina Calamba's Hot Deals when you reserve from April 1-30, 2017! Get free appliances for every Reserved Sale during the promo period: Kayla Basic/Plus & Arya Basic - Twin Tub Washing Machine Kayla Prime/Arya Prime/Aliyah Prime/Shophouse - 32" LED TV Amara Prime/Expanded, Anika/Alexandria - 1.0 HP...

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