Zerina Premium

A Modern Single Attached Home for the growing Family. Lot Area: 80 sq.m. Floor Area: 50.2 sq.m. House Features: Semi-Complete, Granite tiles for 1st and 2nd floor, ceiling on 2nd floor, white paint ondecking, complete railings, white paint forinterior, full concrete slab, with 2 bedrooms (division), fabricated concrete step board, steel door-main door Toilet and Bath: Toilet bowl...

Lynville - Sofia Deluxe

Sofia Deluxe

A lovely 2 storey duplex for growing family. Lot Area: 80 sq.m. Floor Area: 42 sq.m. House Features:Semi-complete,  60 x 60 cm Granite Tiles on the 1st and 2nd floor, Ceiling on the 2nd floor, white paint on decking, Complete Railings, Concrete stairs-fabricated white paint for interiors, Steel door for main door. Toilet and Bath:Toilet bowl with flush, 5 layers...

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